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Friday, February 3, 2012

GeoNext – Why ‘Where’ Matters

I am proud and pretty pumped to be on the advisory committee for the first ‘GeoNext’ conference, to be held in Sydney on 29 February.

As I’ve written before, what I’ve been missing in Australia/NZ is an event that bridges the gap between the ‘traditional’ geo-community (read: surveyors and spatial analysts) and the neo-geographers: the (young) upstarts who’ve discovered new and wonderful things to do with location, such a location-based marketing, web 2.0 and gaming.

Modelled on O’Reilly’s highly successful Where 2.0 conference, GeoNext brings together an eclectic mix of speakers from a wide range of communities and industries, all connected by their passion for location and innovation. With topics including gaming, augmented reality, geocaching, open data and the open source vs. proprietary geo-software debate, GeoNext promises to be the outstanding 'must-attend' geo-event of 2012.

Dr. James Bradfield Moody
Whatever your background, you’ll find a range of speakers and attendees that differ markedly from the ‘usual suspects’.  Listen to, and network with James Moody of ‘New Inventors’ fame, who will kick off with a keynote on the convergence of digital and natural in the 'sixth wave'of innovation. Other speakers include mobile locative game developer Jennifer Wilson and Darren Osborne whose passion is high-tech treasure hunting, also known as Geocaching.

I’m also excited to learn more from the Panel Discussion on the commercial opportunities arising from knowing where your customers are, and to seeing some of the latest location-based startups in the Startup Showcase.

So: If you are going to attend one event on location-based technology this year, it should be GeoNext.  At only $295, I think it’s a steal. 

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