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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How many Spatial Information organisations in Australia?

This question was posed on Twitter by @WALISForum, at the beginning of day 2 of the ISDE7 conference in Perth.

This got me thinking. My initial reaction was: "Way too many". But how better to actually find out, than by crowdsourcing the answer to this question.

For the purposes of this exercise, we’ll define ‘spatial organization’ as:
“Any organization whose mission includes furthering the cause of the Surveying and Spatial Information industry in Australia, without being a for-profit or operational entity”

My rules also say that to be included, the organisation will need to have a valid, working website.

I've made a start, see the quick list below. Current count is 29. Know of another one that qualifies? Please comment below, or tweet me @mvandervlugt.

(I still think it's way too many - The more bodies, the more dysfunctional the industry?)

Here we go:

Industry Bodies (7)

  • SIBA – Spatial Information Business Association
  • SSSI – Surveying & Spatial Sciences Institute
  • GITA - Geospatial Information & Technology Association
  • SEAC - Spatial Education Advisory Committee
  • ASIERA - Australasian Spatial Information Education and Research Association
  • Mapping Sciences Institute of Australia
  • ANZMS - Australian and New Zealand Map Society

Federal Government (4)

  • OSP - Office of Spatial Policy
  • ANZLIC - ANZLIC - the Spatial Information Council
  • ASC - Australian Spatial Consortium
  • ICSM - Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying & Mapping

State (13)

  • ACSNSW - Consulting Surveyors NSW
  • CSA – Country Surveyors NSW
  • ACSV – Association of Consulting Surveyors Victoria
  • ICSV – Institution of Surveyors Victoria (yes, you’re reading this correctly: there are two!)
  • Association of Consulting Surveyors Queensland
  • Association of Consulting Surveyors Northern Territories
  • Association of Consulting Surveyors South Australia
  • WALIS (WA)
  • NSW Spatial Council (CS2i)
  • Victorian Spatial Council (Vic)
  • QSIC - Queensland Spatial Information Council
  • SMIC – Surveying and Mapping Council of NSW
  • BOSSI - Board of Surveying and Spatial Information (NSW)

Local (2)

  • DIGGARS – Downs Interest Group for GIS and Remote Sensing
  • FUNGIS – Far North GIS Users Group

Other (3)

  • CRC-SI - Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information
  • AGTA - Australian Geography Teachers' Association
  • GeoRabble - An open and inclusive forum for GeoGeeks to share, inspire and have fun

 Know of another one that qualifies? Please comment below, or tweet me @mvandervlugt.


  1. I'd say that GeoRabble qualifies for this. Although it doesn't require membership, it aims to promote Spatial causes in a not-for-profit way.


  2. Thanks P57, I was hoping someone would raise GeoRabble :)

  3. Ha, and that is excluding geographers... btw, why?

    and don't forget to count iag themselves ;)

  4. That's another 8 in one go: I'm impressed Martin! :)

  5. I would be removing ACSNSW and probably one of the victorian equivalents because they really are not spatial.
    Under the local category you can add North Coast Spatial Information Group, ReROC (Riverina Regions spatial group) and Illawarra Geospatial User Group. Federally there is the National Spatial Information Management (NSIM) Working Group and Emergency Management Spatial Information Network Australia (EMSINA)

  6. Thanks for the pointers OM. I'll update the count on the weekend (busy day today). One thing: can you clarify why, in your opinion, ACSNSW and the related Vic one(s) are not 'spatial'? Surely you're not suggesting that Surveyors are not 'Spatial'? :) #tongueincheek

  7. Happy to help. Regarding the ACS orgs is there anything to suggest Surveyors are part of Spatial or furthering the cause of spatial?

  8. Bingo! Just found another one... http://www.wassig.org/WP/