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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Perfect storm of exciting Geo-events surrounding GeoNext in Sydney

If you are interested in all things to do with geographic and location-based technology trends, you'd want to be in Sydney 25-27 February, where no fewer than five key events are converging on the city: the SSSI "Remote Sensing and Earth Observation" Seminar on the 25th, the NGIS Google Maps User Forum and Bootcamp also on the 25th, the third annual "why location matters" GeoNext conference on the 26th, and finally the Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network's e-Research workshop on the 27th.

All events are either free or very affordable, and better still, with minimal overlap timewise, the truly committed could attend four out of five of these. Geo-overload at your own risk!

http://here.comThe highlight is undoubtedly the 3rd annual GeoNext conference, with a better program than ever, covering a myriad of applications of location data, including innovative transport solutions, hyperlocal wearable technologies, indoor positioning (where you can try out a pair of Google Glass!), the future of retail, and much more.

And don't forget the GoGet Hackfest prize winners, and GeoRabble drinks to conclude the day!